Entity System and Editor


Inspector for editing Entities. The variables an be sorted into various sections using headers and has support for many different types, such as lists, enums, entities and files.

Has a simple code interface to make adding new serialized variables easier.


A Scene hierarchy with support for reordering by placing entities between each other.

The hierarchy culls the entities not visible to prevent them from performing reordering logic and taking performance.


Prefabs that can be placed in the world and update according to the source file, allowing for less maintenance.

These update as soon as you save the file, meaning you don’t have to reload the scene to apply the changes.

Support for local changes in scenes, allowing for different component values on different instances of prefabs.

A must have in all game engines. 

Multiple Scenes

Support for having multiple scenes loaded at the same time. I added this feature to allow multiple people to work on different parts of the same level. 

In Spite: Journey to the top, we used one scene for the level design and one for the decorations.

In Zenith, we have a MainWorld scene with the player and all the level gates, and separate scenes as the levels that are loaded in and out accordingly.

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