Content Browser

Rendered Preview

Meshes and prefabs are rendered to easily find the correct ones.

Using the rendering system Niklas Jakobsen created allowing rendering of subscenes.


To easily find the correct animation, the animations are played when hovered.

Navigation Help

The content browser also features a Source View, a hierarchy of the directories, allowing for quickly navigating to the correct one.

It also has back and forward arrows if you need to go back to a previous folder then forward again after going back.

At the top of the browser, there is a Breadcrumb, showing what folder you are in that you can press to go to a parent folder of your choosing.

Breadcrumb –>

Additionally, you can set certain folders as favorites, allowing for quick access to folders you use often.


If you know what file you are looking for, you can search for it using the search bar.


You can even search for a certain type of file using type search.


Directories and files can be renamed directly in the browser.

List View

Not all people work in the same way, some people prefer when the files are in list format.

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