About me

Hi there! I’m Fabian, a game programmer with a strong background in C++, ImGui, AI, scripting, networking, and more. I am currently studying at The Game Assembly, Malmö, where I gained valuable experience working in teams and creating games from scratch.

My peers have praised my efficient meeting skills and strong leadership abilities, which help me set clear goals and keep everyone on track to meet project milestones. I value clear communication and collaboration in all aspects of game development.

I love creating tools for other developers, such as editors, debuggers, and profilers. I’m also passionate about enhancing the quality and variety of animations in games.

My favorite games include The Last of Us, Hogwarts Legacy, and League of Legends, which inspire me to create my own games that can entertain and engage players.

When I’m not working on games, I love to indulge in my creative side by making ice cream. There’s something so satisfying about the creative process and the result is always delicious. I also enjoy training dogs in my free time. It’s a challenging yet rewarding hobby that allows me to connect with animals in a meaningful way.

I will be doing a 7 months internship at Playdead starting in August 2023.

Thanks for reading!

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