Hello there!

My name is Fabian, I am a Tools/Animations Programmer.

Clear communication and collaboration are the keys to success in any project, and I am always willing to listen to feedback and make adjustments to improve our work.

I am praised for my efficient meeting skills and strong leadership abilities by my coworkers, enabling me to set clear goals and keep everyone on track to meet project milestones.

I am excited to join a team of talented and passionate game developers who share my vision and values.

Thank you for your time and attention!

Proud Work

Animation Editor

Specialization Course

During the specialization course i created an animation editor in-engine. 

The editor allows for quick tweaking of animations without having to jump between different software.

Inverse Kinematics

Project 7

For the game Zenith I implemented a FABRIK Solver and Pole-Vector for the Feet.

I also made the hand point towards the target while aiming with the glove.

Animation State Machine

Project 6 & 7

Complete with multiple layer blending, masked avatars, additive blending and real time updating for debugging.


Project 7

For the game Zenith I implemented 1D and 2D blendspaces and created an editor for them.

Content Browser

Project 6 & 7

With Favorites, source view, rendered tile previews, source view, back/forward arrows, list view, type search and more.

Entity System And Editor

Project 6 & 7

I created the Entity System and a lot of the main editor for our Engine.

Prefabs, Hierarchy, Inspector, Multiple Scenes, Easy to use variable serialization

Game Projects


Project 7

“Stranded on an alien planet, battle guardians with your Power Gauntlet and sap the power of the environment to fuel your portal home.”

Spite: Jurney To The Top

Project 6

“Fight your way up the mountain with your magical staff to take revenge against the demon and his army of tormented spirits.”

Mother Ducker

Project 5

“Your eggs have been stolen, scour the farm and fight the culprits using your trusty knife and pan to save your eggs!”


Project 4

“Jump and run past the dangers of a war-torn world through the lens of a girl and her crow companion.”


Project 3

“Assume the role of a dark priestess and slay the creatures of hell with powerful arcane magic.”


Little Crimson

Project 2

Follow the journey of Little Crimson, as she travels through an ever-twisting, puzzling forest.

Potion Run

Project 1

“Save the neighboring town from the venomous monster by delivering a potion of healing, but be careful, the monster will do everything in its power to stop you.”

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