Animation state machine

Live Update

The editor updates in real time if an entity with the correct animator file is selected.

Great for debugging.

Camera Movement

Camera movement using 3×3 transform matrices.

Multiple Layers

Support for layering state machines and animations. The layers are evaluated from the top down.

Additive Layers

Layers can be additive, meaning they add to the previous layers instead of blending with them.


Transitions are displayed offset from each other to make them easy to see.

When creating a transition, the preview transition snaps to the hovered state to clearly see when having a state hovered.

Color Coding

The Different types of variables are color coded to easily see what type a variable is at a glance.

The colors were suggested with input from animator Moa Bergman 

Masked Avatar

The animation layers have support for masked avatar which has its own editor. 

Support for different weights per bone.

Allows some animations to only animate certain parts of the body.

Transition Preview

When changing the transition time and exit time, get a preview of what will happen.

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